Hi There!

First things first, Mommigo... mommy-go? mom-i-gino? mom-i-go? When coming up with the name Mommigo, I really searched for a name that would represent the mission and was memorable. I was also meditating actually - true story. I was trying to think of a name that represented "mom friend." But a brand named "mom friend" was a little bland. Mom amigo? sounds better, so Mommigo /mäm.me.go/. Truth is this brand is for ALL new parents, not just moms, all parents, moms & dads, dads & dads, mom & moms, anyone that cares for tiny humans. Truth is, I would have changed the name to represent all parents, butttt I already paid for the trademark, filed a business name, and bought the domain (we're big on transparency here). So apologies if Mommigo gets your knickers in a knot, I too question it at times, but here we are, so welcome!

Phewf! Now that that's out of the way let me tell you about this virtual place called Mommigo. First off, this is a place to come and feel supported. When navigating life with a newborn, I was exhausted and perhaps a little lazy. I desperately knew I needed therapy and to connect with other parents but on most days getting my teeth brushed was a major accomplishment. I promise that any products or courses sold and recommended at Mommigo are geared to make your life as a new parent easier. This is our mission and my personal mission. In the wise words of Ali Wong, you've suffered enough. 

Speaking of the mission, the blog, this blog, is pillared on providing new parents with information and knowledge. Not anecdotes, not the he-said-she-said stuff (and certainly none of that passive-aggressive bully shaming stuff (Brenda, your comments will be deleted)), but evidence, scientific information that is referenced and sourced. So you as a new parent, have a place to stop by, to inform yourself about the latest research. All this, so you can feel confident to bring that question up to your OB or pediatrician, but mostly so you can make informed decisions on what works best for you and your family.  

It's chaos! At Mommigo not only do we get that, but we're not even trying to pretend it's not. Hopefully, we can help. You got this momma! or poppa! 

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